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The National ASCE Convention will be held in New Orleans this year.  Through the generosity of the Acadiana Branch of ASCE, we have the opportunity to send two of our students to the convention.
This a great chance to meet with people from around the country, attend educational sessions, and learn about the real world of engineering outside the classroom.  ASCE is the voice of engineering - and this is your opportunity to keep up with the future of the profession.
For our October 23 meeting, Dustin Corns, P.E. will be speaking about opportunities at NUCOR Vulcraft.   Dustin is a Design Supervisor at NUCOR's Grapeland, Texas plant.  He'll talk about NUCOR and his experience as an engineer.
While NUCOR does offer summer internships for students at various levels of education, it will be particularly beneficial for seniors to attend this meeting.  Please make plans to attend, and have questions ready to ask Dustin.  For more information about NUCOR, visit their site
We'll plan on having refreshments, and Dustin will be around for a few minutes answering questions and visiting with students.  Please dress professionally and bring copies of your resume.
Next Chapter Meeting - October 23

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For our November 27 meeting, our special speaker will be Nathan Jordan, P.E.  He will be discussing his experience as an engineer, giving advice to engineering students, and sharing case studies of interesting projects he's had the opportunity to work on.
Nathan is the owner and principal engineer of Principle Engineering Services, LLC, and is a graduate of the McNeese Engineering Program.  He has worked in project management, civil, and structural engineering over the past 13 years, and holds licenses in both Texas and Louisiana.  Nathan also currently serves as a mentor to McNeese engineering students for their senior design capstone project.
We'd like to welcome all civil engineering students to come to our meeting to hear Nathan speak about his experience.  Please check out the Principle Engineering Services website to find out more information about Nathan and learn about some of the projects they've done.
Next Chapter Meeting - November 27
Our next meeting will be January 22 at 7:00 PM in Drew 125.  We have a busy spring semester ahead of us and a lot of exciting projects and events on the way. There are several important items on the agenda, we really need everyone who can make it to attend. 
The Deep South Conference is coming up on March 22-24, but registration is due by February 1.  We'll need to find out who will be able to attend, and discuss important details about the cost of conference and what it's all about.  If you can't make it to the meeting, it's extremely important that you contact a member of the Executive Committee for more information.
It is officially go time for the Concrete Canoe Project.  We'll be disucssing our timeline and the next steps we need to take for this project to keep moving.  If you're interested in the Concrete Canoe - please make sure you attend or reach out to let us know that you're interested.  Please join the Canoe GroupMe group to stay in the loop about upcoming events.
The Clean the Coast community service event is also upcoming.  We're partnering with UL Lafayette for this event where we'll be cleaning up trash and performing maintenance at the Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge down in Cameron Parish.  Thgis is a great chance to give back to the commmunity, details will be given at our meeting.
We'll be collecting t-shirt sizes at this meeting as well, so plan on letting us know that as well.  Again, if you can't make it to the meeting - please reach out to one of the officers to let us know your information and whether or not you're interested in the upcoming events.
Hope to see everyone there!
Next Chapter Meeting - January 22, 7:00 PM